About us

Marmelada Kids Ltd. was established in 2006 and is credited with importing and distributing high quality, well reputation baby / child products for the mass and specialty market.
Marmelada has built a wide distribution network all over Israel that keeps growing steadily.
We are the exclusive distributors of Melissa and Doug (USA brand) which have a wide range of products for ages 1.5 – 8 years.

The following brands are also part of our import and distribution lines:

Brainstorm Limited (from the UK)

O.B.Design from Australia

Make it Real from the UK

Buki from France


Our vision

Our point of view is to represent and introduce to the ISRAELI market selected brands, which have a wide range of high quality products.
This strategy allows us to focus and invest the maximum efforts on each brand and so to utilize its whole potential in the local market.
Today, product quality has become an extremely vital part in the toy business.

Therefor we are dealing only with top safety standard items which include deductive and educational advantages as well.

Service awareness

We consider the customer service highly important and that includes frequent visiting schedule, teaching and learning sessions to the retailer staff and swift response mechanism for any rejects / inquiries – all of that for excellent costumer service and for better exposure of a new brand .


Point of sales

Currently we control a marketing network which today includes: 250 quality toy and gift shops, 10 large kinder garden wholesalers – all over Israel.


Facilities and staff  

- 1000 square meter warehouse and offices in Katzrin.
- Mrs. Anat Harel and Mr. Gal Harel are the founders and the directors of the company.
- 3 Sales representatives well equipped.
- 3 back office employee.
- 5 logistic employee.



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           Marmelada Kids Ltd .

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